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 Roleplay Rules.

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules.    Tue May 17, 2011 10:12 pm

Drama; None. Nada. At all. If you have OOC problems and just want to vent that's fine but remember it's not really our problem its yours. Take care of it.

Respect; I know you probably won't like everyone, or you don't know them. That's fine. But never overstep your boundaries. We're all here for one thing, that's fun, not to go pissing everyone off.

txt abbrv.; Nein. No. Do not dare. We are writers not leeters, so use what you learned in English class, not on AIM.

Formatting; Very little. No color alterations, no size formatting, no special fonts. Some of us have really shitty eyesight ^^ and the idea is they should be able to read your post without much problem. If they can't read it, that kind of defeats the purpose :s

Post Limit We are quality over quantity. I like big posts. But if you can't manage, that's fine too. Just make some effort, that's all I ask.

Consent Based; We are indeed player consent based. Nothing can happen to someone's character without their permission. But be smart about it.

Character Limit; None. Make as many frillies as you want, just don't make another if you know you cannot handle it. It is alright to make an rp account.

Offensive; There are some subjects which are just not to be mentioned. Severe physical or sexual abuse, self harming issues, family related trauma, yakka yakka. I'm not going to shield the world from what's real and they must face, but just allude to it, don't go detail on me. I know from a personal standpoint some detailed things can trigger bad memories, and I'd like this to be a pretty happy place for the majority.

Appearence: You may use your own art, or a photoshooped image I could really care less.


Now that we have a basis for roleplay, please feel free to start one.
Also I'm not saying you HAVE to adhere to these rules. Just please try to follow them

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Roleplay Rules.
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