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 Underground Policy.

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PostSubject: Underground Policy.   Mon May 16, 2011 9:27 pm

Hello, and welcome to Undergrounds forum.

For now, All I ask of you is:

*Please post semi appropriate subject matter, Be reminded that I or any of the admins can and will reserve the right to delete any post so long as it is inappropriate, or contains sensitive subject matter.

* We're all bros here, so please no harassment of any form. I will take the liberty of temporarily banning or IP banning you if you are a multiple offender.

*Please, report all forms of harassment to me personally, I will check this OFTEN. Silly little things will be ignored, also if its anything like verbal harassment send screenshots or chatlogs in a PM.

*Please bear in mind although this is a website intended for friends, do NOT put any personal information on this site. such as address, phone numbers etc.

Any suggestions as to rules you think should be on this board please post in a reply.

For now that's all I have.

Thank you for helping us help us all!
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Underground Policy.
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