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 2 Sisters, 1 Brother (A Vocaloid Fic)

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PostSubject: 2 Sisters, 1 Brother (A Vocaloid Fic)   Fri May 20, 2011 8:17 pm


Chapter 1


The roar of applause from the smokey room formed an ending to the song, and the man in the luxurious white tux stepped down from the stage and took a seat at the bar, in between two women-one with curly, long black hair and dark pink gloves and dress, and on the other side, a younger woman with a yellow tank top and green hair.

"I didn't think I could sing opera here," He said, taking a martini that the bartender had already made for him. The green-haired girl giggled as he drank, and he eyed her suspiciously. "Something wrong?"
"I just think of how suspicious you are about any liquid that isn't half-martini."
He groaned and continued drinking. The sharply-dressed woman next to him, after he was done drinking, leaned over and kissed him lightly.
"Do you want to leave soon, Prima?" He asked, and she nodded. "It's already late. I'm sure everyone else is wondering where we are."
Tonio looked over at Sonika. "What about you? Do you want to stay out a bit longer?"
"You two can go home. I'm gonna stay out tonight for a while."
"Alright, then," Tonio said, getting up, and then taking Prima's hand to help her up. "Good night."
"Good night, Tonio," Sonika said, laughing, and the two opera singers left.

In a corner of the bar, two guests were talking about Tonio's performance.
"I've never heard a man sing opera so well. Have you?"
"Not in a very long time. He wasn't Japanese, was he?"
"He was singing in Spanish, wasn't he? I think he's Spanish."
"He looked French, or perhaps Italian. But there's something odd."
"What's that?"
"His voice. It sounded a bit...well, mechanical. But still human. Do you know what I mean?"
The two men were silent for a moment, and then gasped.
"My god. He was a robot, wasn't he?"


In Tokyo, Japan, there was a large laboratory with many bedrooms, where housed where the creations of four scientists-two Japanese men, one Japanese woman, and one English man, who specialized in robotics-especially building androids.
Years ago, the English scientist, Dr. G, had built two androids he named Leon & Lola, built to sing songs programmed by a user. He had followed up with an android named Miriam, and his Japanese best friend, Dr. C, had been inspired to build two robots of his own, which he named Kaito & Meiko, inspired by his partner's creations.

Both scientists had programmed the five androids to move and look just like humans, with artificial intelligence programmed in. The androids were made so a subject could enter in a beat, and then give it lyrics, and it would sing it word-for-word. But, as the two found out, there was an unexpected, though not unpleasant, side effect: The androids began to take songs they sang and enter them into their code, effectively giving them personalities thanks to the AI programmed in. And as more students of the university they worked at played with the five androids, the more their personalities developed: and soon, Leon was a bumbling romantic, Lola was a romantic tomboy who looked after Leon, Miriam was a shy girl who loved astronomy, Meiko was a tomboy who preferred drinking and watching anime to anything else, and Kaito, who was sophisticated but childish.

The two built more of these androids, and were soon helped by another scientist named Dr. I, also Japanese.

Dr. G dubbed them vocal androids, and thus Vocaloids; and they lived, worked, and went to school in future Tokyo, where robots are commonplace, but not always respected. Especially not robots so humanlike as the ones Dr. G and Dr. C liked to make.


Dr. C went around to the rooms of Miku Hatsune, Yuki Kaai, and Len & Rin Kagamine waking each of them up. He was accompanied by another Vocaloid he'd made, a thirty-something man with a suit and thick glasses.
"I'll go wake Yuki-chan up. You can work on the teenagers."
"Thank you, Kiyo," Dr. C said, and the teacher went to Yuki's bedroom to wake her up.

"Yuki-chan? It's time to go to school."
He gingerly opened the door into Yuki's room, which looked typical of any human nine-year-old girl; cute stuffed animals and cutesy posters. Her backpack was laid next to her ribbons and frilly white socks on her dresser. She was still sleeping soundly, with long black hair laid messily on the red, apple-adorned pillow. Everything in Yuki's room seemed apple-themed.
"Yuki?" Kiyoteru said, and leaned down and gently shook her. Yuki's eyes slowly opened, and she smiled when she saw Kiyoteru. "Good morning, sensei. Time for school?" Kiyoteru nodded.

In the room next door, which belonged to Rin & Len Kagamine, Dr. C walked in and looked at the twins' room. Everything here was yellow-themed...There were two single beds, on opposite ends of the room, and it was clear which half of the room belonged to whom. Rin was already up & dressed in her uniform, and was waking her brother up in any way she could. Dr. C stepped out, and walked over to the next room, which belonged to Miku Hatsune. He paused as he opened the sixteen-year old's door, and stared in at the concert posters and merch, all of which had Miku on it. A big plastic leek baton stood in the corner, and everything seemed green or blue.

There were times when it still amazed Dr. C that he had created her; he had created Miku Hatsune, who had become a pop-music sensation since he had created her.
"Miku, it's time for school."
Miku rose out of her bed, her impossibly long teal hair flying up with her. "What? Oh! Good morning, Doctor!"
"Good morning, Miku-san. Time for school."
"School? Hooray!" Miku shouted. "You go on into the kitchen! I'll get my uniform on."
"Alright. Be in there soon, alright?"

Dr. C closed the door. Such an energetic girl, he thought. Rin & Len ran down the hallway into the kitchen, where breakfast was already made and laid out; pancakes topped with everyone's favorite food. "Big" Al was cooking this morning, as he always did; since he was the best cook in the house, everyone usually had a Western-style breakfast. Miku's pancakes had green syrup and plenty of sugar, Len & Rin's had bananas and no sugar, while Yuki's had slices of apples and cinnamon.

The four students sat down at the table, which was big enough to seat all the Vocaloids (and with enough room in case the doctors decided to build more-which they did, and often), so the table felt empty with only the four, plus Dr. C.
"Where is everyone else?" Yuki asked. "Did they all leave already?"
"Let me check," Al said, striding over to a large whiteboard with everyone's names on it. In order to keep track of the many Vocaloids living there, they all had to write where they were going for the day on the whiteboard.
"Looks like most of them left for their jobs, or just went out," Al said. His Japanese wasn't that great, but the others understood him well enough. He looked at the board again.

Most of the Vocaloids were adults-Meiko, Kaito, Gumi, and Luka were in their twenties, but didn't go to college since all four already had singing jobs. Meiko had considered it, solely because so few robots ever went to college-she was intensely proud of being an android, even moreso than Miki, who was more proud of the fact that she was technically from space. But she didn't talk about it as much as Meiko talked about being an android.

The four young Vocaloids ate their breakfast happily, and Al handed them their lunches.
"Ann helped me make them, since she knows more about you guys then I do." He was referring to "Sweet" Ann, his best friend.
"Thank you, Al," everyone said, and Kiyoteru led the four out the door. Dr. C always stayed home to do research for any possible upcoming projects, and because some of the androids didn't leave the house until much later in the day-Tonio and Prima, for their jobs, usually went to fancy Western-style nightclubs or to the opera, which didn't usually take place in the day.


Kiyoteru and the students took a tube-car above Tokyo to school-Len, Rin, and Miku were dropped off at their school, which was nearby, and then Kiyoteru and Yuki would ride to the primary school that Yuki attended and Kiyoteru worked at.

Miku often got stares on the tube-car, mostly due to having unnatural long blue hair-and because many Japanese had seen her around Tokyo in some way.

The three teenagers said goodbye to the other two, and excitedly walked into the school, the Kagamine twins bounding after Miku-they considered her their big sister, along with Luka.
"I'm excited for school, Kiyo-sensei," Yuki said happily as she sat next to her teacher.
"I am too, Yuki," Kiyoteru said to her. He opened up his briefcase and looked through the contents, and pulled out a flyer for a talent show that was being held.
"Did you see this, Yuki?" Kiyoteru asked, and showed it to her.
"What is it? Oh, the talent show?" Yuki asked, and Kiyoteru nodded. "What's it for?"
"Well, you're a wonderful singer, Yuki, I thought perhaps you would want to enter."
Yuki smiled. "Maybe. I'll think of something good to sing. But what about you, teacher? You're a good singer, too!"
Kiyoteru gasped, his glasses falling down. "Well-I don't know. I think only students can enter."

In reality, Kiyoteru could sing with Yuki in a duet. But Kiyoteru didn't think he could-he usually sang hard rock songs, moonlighting as a rockstar at night when he was done teaching. He loved both of his jobs, teaching moreso. He didn't think Dr. C really programmed him to sing hard rock songs, but that was the way it had went; it had started with the doctor making him sing a guitar-heavy song called 'True Education', and Kiyo had suddenly begun singing dozens of guitar-heavy songs.

"Oh well." Yuki said, and the tube-car pulled into the station nearest the primary school. Kiyoteru hoisted the girl up onto his shoulders, and held onto her as he held his briefcase with his other hand.

None of the students, save Yuki of course, knew that Kiyoteru was really an android; and none of them knew Yuki was an android. They did know that Yuki was a wonderful singer, and since Kiyoteru would often sing songs about assignments, they knew he could sing as well. but despite their semi-robotic voices, they still couldn't notice. And both were rather popular-Kiyoteru was a fun teacher, and was often bumbling in his work, so the children were entertained by him. Yuki was outgoing and nice to all the children, so they all liked her.

Yuki would go to school and be taught by Kiyoteru, and Miku, Rin & Len would go to High School, while others would either go sing at their jobs or go out for the day. Some of them would go by the house during the day for whatever reason-usually to keep Dr. C company for a while. At the end of the day, they all had dinner (the Vocaloids were programmed to be able to eat, though it did not affect them in any real way-but they preferred it to drinking oil, as many robots did, as it made them feel more human), and some (like Tonio & Prima) would go to their job, or (Like Meiko & Lola) would go out for fun.

This was the life of the Vocaloids that the two scientists built.
Whenever a new one was built, this was a huge deal in the Vocaloid household.

And so, that night, Dr. C had some good news for his androids.

"Everyone," he said, standing up-he typically sat in the center, in between Kaito & Meiko (his first two creations), "I have some wonderful news. I will be working on three new Vocaloid robots."

There was a great deal of talk amongst all of them, and they quieted down as the doctor kept speaking.
"Some of you will be happy to know that Dr. I will be helping me with one of them."
"Will we have any brothers?" Len asked loudly. Some of the other male androids repeated this sentiment. There were not many male Vocaloids-nearly all of them were English-speakers developed by Dr. C's English partner-and always wished for a "brother" when a new project was announced.

"Yes, one," Dr. C breathed. "And two sisters. I'll tell you more about them if I can. For now, though, I will be going to bed."

As he did, several of the androids stood up to leave as well, though they left to go out, not to go to bed.

Kaito looked over at Meiko and said quietly, "I hope he's alright. He seemed hesitant."
"It'll be okay," Meiko said roughly. She grabbed Kaito's arm. "Come on! I want to go out."
"I...okay," Kaito said, not wanting to argue with her, and besides, going somewhere with Meiko would be more fun than just staying home with a possibly mopey scientist.

Luka sang at a popular Japanese jazz club, where she was very popular thanks to her bilingual skills. Like with Tonio at the bar, some people did notice that Luka was an android by the way she sounded, but no one had done anything because none of them could prove it.

"Hey, wait," Meiko said, and she turned swiftly to face Luka, and pointed accusingly at her. "Luka Megurine!"
The pink-haired woman stared at Meiko, her eyes blank and her face almost bland. "....Yes?"
"Why don't I go to your lame jazz bar? I don't think they know me there."
"I like jazz," Kaito murmured. "Could Leon go, too?"
"Leon left already," Meiko snapped. "He and Lola are singing at a lounge tonight. I think Ann went there too."
"I don't think you would fit in well there," Luka said. "You're very loud and you're always talking about anime, people are mostly quiet there."
"Well, fine then," Meiko said angrily.
"I want to go," Kaito said softly, releasing himself from the woman's grip and straightening his scarf out. He sat down next to Luka as Meiko stomped out, but before she left, she pointed at Luka again and shouted "Fine! I'll go down to Akiba and sing to THEM!"
"Have fun," Said the blond Lily, who was standing above Luka. "They like your short skirt, don't they?"
"I'm not gonna listen to Lily of all the robots talking to me about skimpy clothes," Meiko said. And she slammed the door on the way out.

"She's not as mean as she makes herself out to be," Kaito protested. "She does like you, Luka. Lily, too." He looked at them for a moment. "Are the two of you going to the jazz bar together?" And Lily nodded. Kaito folded his arms.
"But Lily, you're not suited for jazz. You're more music..." He said, not really knowing what sort of things Lily sang. All he remembered was she, like Lola, often went out clubbing.
"I'm not built for jazz, but then again, Miku-chan was only built for pop music, but that doesn't stop her from singing everything she can, does it?" Lily said, but she didn't laugh-she meant it. Lily was always serious, but seemed fun-loving at the same was no wonder she was good friends with both Luka and Miku.

Kaito twiddled his thumbs a bit. "Do you think I could go with you? I could sing jazz! Or at least some synth pop."
Lily giggled. "Of course you can."
Kaito smiled. "Thank you," He said quietly. "Are we leaving now?"
"They aren't going with us, but Gumi-chan and Gakupo-san will be walking with us." Gumi and Gakupo (and Lily) had all been designed and programmed by Dr. I, and were very unique from the rest of the androids. Gumi was fun-loving and was almost never at home, since she always had something she wanted to do. She viewed Lily and Gakupo as her siblings; Gakupo himself was designed like a samurai, and thanks to many of the songs he had sung, he thought he was one. He sang in traditional Japanese restaurants, which he enjoyed. Of course, since every other Vocaloid had their robotic minds set firmly in the future, while Gakupo's mind was set in Japan's past, he was often on the receiving end of their jokes-especially Luka, who, oddly, made fun of him the most.

The three Vocaloids signed out on the whiteboard and left the house, and insisted on walking instead of taking the tube-car. Gakupo and Gumi were standing outside, Gakupo vainly fanning himself with the Japanese fan he constantly had with him. Gumi was adjusting her thick goggles and smiling, as she almost always did.

"Looks like someone tagged along," Gakupo said suavely, eyeing Kaito.
"I thought it would be more fun to go to the jazz club than stay home," Kaito said softly. "Since the doctor seems mopey."
"I thought he sounded excited," Gumi said.
"But you have to consider that he has three Vocaloids to work on," Luka said. "And it seems as though he only just finished you, Lily."

It was true that Lily was the most recent creation of the scientist; before that, Tonio had been the most recent creation of Dr. G, who, after Tonio, had gone back to England to take a break. Creating Tonio had been incredibly stressful for him, but he still had video conversations with both Dr. C and the Vocaloids at least three times a week.

"Well, I guess that's true, but you know how much fun he has when he builds them, and how happy he is when one is finished. Especially seeing our reactions to our new sibling," Gumi said.
"And he said that Dr. I would be working with him on one," Gakupo said curiously. "I wonder if working on you-" Directing this towards Lily- "-Made him want to work on more androids with the doctor?"
"You never know," Gumi said, bounding after Gakupo as he walked. Gumi didn't seem to walk; she seemed as though she hopped and jumped wherever she went. She contrasted well to Luka, who was always so stoic.

Back at the house, Dr. C had sent a video message to Dr. G in England; surprisingly enough, Dr. G was up and not doing anything, so the two decided to chat for a little while. Dr. C desperately needed a human to talk to about the three new projects.

"Three new Vocaloids? And you say Dr. I will be helping you?"
"That's right."
"Perhaps she wants to help you with robotics again," The Englishman said, recalling when the scientist had helped with both Gakupo and Gumi.
"Or maybe her help comes in duos. She just built Lily, now she'll build this one, and then she'll leave again."
"Perhaps. Is there anything you can tell me about the new androids?"
"The first one I'll be building by myself, and I'm making her to stick more to what you had originally thought of."
"An android that could be sent to homes to work as a singer, singing whatever the client wished."
"That's correct."
"She will have no personality?"
"I don't know. The very way I'm programming her to be that way may give her a personality. Her name is VY1, but I...I've been calling her Mizki."
"Mizki? Why?"
"I keep thinking of flowers as I think of plans for her."
"I see. And the other two?"
Dr. C said nothing for a moment. "That's what I'm concerned about. You know how popular Miku, Luka, Kaito, and Len & Rin are getting. Especially Miku. Well, some companies here in Tokyo want me to make Vocaloids for their companies."
Dr. G said nothing.
"Have you heard of a show called 'Hirake! Ponkikki'?"
"Oh," Dr. C said, faltering. "Well, I watched it a lot as a kid. As did most of my Japanese colleagues."

The scientist pulled up a picture on the computer of the character Gachapin and quickly forwarded it to the Englishman.
"This character is called Gachapin. They want me to make a Vocaloid with his voice."
"Will it look like him, too?" Dr. G said, half-amused and half-disgusted.
"I don't know. At first I thought so, but when I got requests for the second Vocaloid, I don't think so. But before I talk about her, let me tell you my worries."
"What is it?"
"The Japanese love Gachapin very much. I'm sure that android would be popular in Tokyo, singing at places where children like to go. He's supposed to be a child-friendly Vocaloid. Easier to operate and such. But you know how so many people in your part of the world like our creations-"
"Your creations."
Dr. C froze.
Not my creations, doctor. They hate my creations, even though they were made for them. But your Japanese love them, and that's why they stayed with you.

Dr. G didn't have to say that. Dr. C already knew that was how he felt.
"That's not true. Many people love your Androids just as much. Especially Sonika and Al."
Dr. G sighed. "But what about the Western Vocaloid fans?"
"Yes. The ones who communicate with them online, or take trips to Tokyo to see them perform. They won't understand what Gachapin means to us. They'll hate him."
"But he'll be popular in Tokyo."
"I guess so," Dr. C breathed. "Anyway, the third project. Do you know Sanrio?"
"Do I know Sanrio? My daughter loves Hello Kitty."
Dr. C smiled. "Then I think she'll love the next project. Do you know what a kittyler is? I didn't, but from what the executive told me, it's someone obsessed with Hello Kitty-even more than your daughter does. They showed me a Kittyler character they made and want me to make an android of her. A Vocaloid."
"That sounds exciting," Dr. G said.
"I think people will like her a lot, though."
"Well, alright. I guess I should sign out so you can work." Dr. G paused. "Are....are any of mine home?"

Dr. C thought for a moment. "I believe Miriam is still here. She stayed solely to keep me company."
"Could...could I see her?"
Dr. C nodded, and walked away to get her, and came back with a woman about the same height as him. She had long grey hair, and was one of the only Vocaloids who often wore different outfits; today she wore a blue vinyl jacket and a long grey pencil skirt. Dr. C gently ushered her in, quietly telling her that Dr. G was on and wanted to talk to her.

Miriam sat down in front of the computer.
"Hello, Doctor," She said softly.
"Miriam," Dr. G said, smiling at her softly. "It's been a little while. How are you enjoying Japan?"
"I think I prefer England, but I love living with all the others. And the stars are so beautiful here." She laid her hands on her lap and looked down. "I enjoy traveling to the small towns sometimes. Kamui always knows which small towns are the best to visit."
"Of course he does," Dr. G laughed.
"And everyone seems fascinated by me, so singing is an easy job to do. I can sing whatever I want in English and they love it." She giggled. "Also, I should tell you, I'm enjoying Tonio's company immensely. He's very stoic and sometimes offstanding, but I like being around him. I guess I like him because I like Prima so much, and they're very similar."
"I built Tonio to be a partner to Prima-singing-wise of course."
"And you did a good job. They sound so good together." She looked around. "I guess I'll leave, then."
"I should, too. Good-bye, Miriam."
"Goodbye, doctor."

The box that had shown Dr. G's face went black, and Miriam stood up to leave.
"Good luck with your projects, doctor," She said, and went to her room. Dr. C went to his work desk to try and sort out how he would design his next three projects, and wondered when Dr. I would arrive.
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PostSubject: Re: 2 Sisters, 1 Brother (A Vocaloid Fic)   Fri May 20, 2011 8:17 pm

Chapter 2

Luka Megurine, Kamui Gakupo, Gumi, Kaito, & Lily were walking the streets of Tokyo, Kaito & Luka on their way to a popular jazz club, Gakupo was on his way to sing at a traditional karaoke bar (with Gumi tagging along, despite his best protests), and Lily going to a large dance club.

"Gumi, really, all I have to say is the same thing Luka-san said to Meiko," He said quietly to the bouncing, green-haired girl. "You're very bouncy and bubbly. Besides, you aren't dressed properly. You're dressed like an idol. The establishment has a dress code, you know." His words were cold, but he did feel a little bad about it; Gumi saw him as her older brother, moreso than any of the others, but he knew she wouldn't be fazed by it in a million years. "Why don't you go with Lily? She's your sister, your new sister, you should spend some time with her."
Gumi grinned shyly, and edged over to the tall, lanky blond. "I guess so," She said happily. "You have fun, even if I won't be there, okay?"
Lily looked down at Gumi, who bounced next to her. They contrasted well; Lily actually looked more like Miku or Luka, but felt closer to Gakupo or Gumi. Even moreso, the differences between her and Gumi; Gumi was bouncy and bubbly, Lily was stoic and serious. Even Luka, who was also stoic and serious, thought so.

"I hope you don't mind, Lily," Gumi said. Lily shook her head. "Of course I don't. In fact, I think it'll make the night better to have you around."
Gumi laughed happily, and kept bouncing ahead, as Luka and Kaito strayed behind, talking to each other.
"What will I do while you sing?" Kaito asked her, his blue scarf billowing in the wind. Luka's long, pink hair slightly blew back, but somehow, not as much as his scarf.
"You can sit at the very front of the club and watch me sing," She said plainly. "You could talk to people."
Kaito fingered at his scarf, and eventually at his coat collar. "But I don't know if I can talk to people. And don't say that I can drink and talk to people. You remember last time, when Meiko got me to try some sake. That ended horribly."
Luka stifled a laugh. "Y-Yes...that did end horribly, didn't it?"
Kaito nodded. He leaned down, and looked ahead, at Lily. "Do you know what that CD is that she has on her waist?"
Luka shook her head, and Kaito raised his arm as if calling a taxi. "L-Lily..."
The others ahead stopped and looked at him.
"What's that CD for around your waist?"

Lily looked down at the disc he was talking about, which was suspended on a thin belt loop. "Oh. I have a lot of these, I make them for the songs I'll be singing that night."
"Oh...okay," He said, and they all kept walking.

"There it is," Gakupo said suddenly, and loudly. "Well...good night, everyone." And he walked into the building, bowing to the man letting people inside.
"That means our stop isn't too far ahead," Luka murmured, and Kaito looked at her curiously. She was looking ahead as if on a mission.
Lily folded her arms as she walked, and said quietly, "I wonder..."
"What's wrong, Lily?" Gumi asked, suddenly sounding concerned.
"Why does Gakupo wear nail polish...?" Lily said, and then continued walking, her pace very quick.

Gumi was silent for a moment as Kaito & Luka passed her, and then burst out laughing, causing Luka to freeze and her eyes to widen with fear. Kaito thought she should be used to sudden outbursts by their family, living with not only Gumi, but the likes of Meiko, Leon, and Lola-not to mention the twins play-arguments and even more often some of the Vocaloids blasting music in their rooms-a favorite pastime of Len & Rin along with Meiko, who was often accused of having mini-parties in her room with Lola while Leon & Kaito lamented in one of their rooms, usually while having some sweets.
Then again, Luka was usually out of the house when it was loud in there. She was a very quiet person-android-and usually preferred the quiet. It was the major difference between the equally stoic Lily and her.

"Let's keep going," Luka said quietly to Gumi, and they continued walking.
Eventually, all three reached the jazz club, and Luka and Kaito said their goodbyes to Lily and Gumi, who continued on their way.

"I've never been here before," Kaito said quietly as Luka told the waiter that Kaito was with her. "It seems nice enough."
"It is very nice," Luka said shyly. "This is where I always sit-" She pointed to a round table off in the corner-"But since you're with me, it might be better to sit near the stage." She looked at the blue-haired man, and, her voice shaking, said "I mean...if that's what you want."
"Of course I want to sit near the stage," Kaito said. "I want to see you perform. What do you plan on singing tonight, anyhow?"
Luka thought for a moment. "I'm not sure. I wish Miku was here, because they love it when we sing 'Magnet'." She laughed uncomfortably. "It's a bit strange, though, because she's like my sister."
"The same for me," Kaito said as he sat down. "I don't want any alcohol. A milkshake sounds good, though..."
Luka sat down across from him. "I think they have those here."

A second waiter came by, and Luka ordered a small glass of sake and a milkshake for her friend.
"Megurine-san, how nice of you to arrive-" Said a third suited man, who Kaito assumed to be the manager or owner. "You go on stage in roughly an hour."
"Alright. Thank you," Luka said, not giving any eye contact with him. Not a few moments later, a robot had brought their drinks to them. Luka slowly drank the alcohol, and Kaito excitedly drank the vanilla milkshake.

Outside, Gumi bounced around Lily, who walked stoicly into the club she'd been scheduled to sing at.
"Lily, do you think I could perform too? I'm really in the mood to sing tonight."
"I'll have to ask the owner," Lily said quietly, opening the door. The area was bustling with people as a Japanese DJ played techno, and people danced too close to each other for Lily's own comfort. Gumi thought it looked exciting.
"Where do we go?" Gumi asked excitedly.
"I have to go in a back room, away from the crowd. But you can stay here, if you'd like."
"Okay!!" Gumi said happily, and she ran out on the dance floor, pulling her pink goggles over her eyes, and danced like a maniac.
Lily smiled at Gumi, and walked to the backroom.


At the house, Dr. C had walked beneath the house, where he worked on androids in his laboratory. Miriam was upstairs, talking with Sonika and the Kagamine Twins, who had just gotten home-they'd gone to spend time with friends after school.

Blueprints for VY1, Iroha, and Gachapoid were laid out on a wooden table. An e-mail from the company who had requested Gachapoid's construction shined on the screen of a cell phone, with a picture attached of a small anime boy. Written in formal Japanese beneath it was "This is Gacha-chan. The android must look like this."
There goes my original blueprint, The doctor thought to himself. He took the blueprint of Gachapoid's original design-Gachapin with a headset-and put it away.
This will put back Gachapoid's construction by several months, He thought.

"I wanted to finish him before Iroha-san," He said to himself. He shook his head. "I shouldn't be talking to myself."
He took the rolled-up blueprint of Mizki. He had been reluctant to actually construct her at first, not sure that a serious, genderless (yet with a feminine voice) Vocaloid could be built.
He ran upstairs. The four Vocaloids up there might have an idea.

He went into a sitting room, where they were sitting. Len & Rin sat together in the loveseat, hitting each other every few seconds and giggling, while Sonika, smiling, talked and moved her arms about while Miriam merely sat and listened to her.
When the doctor walked in, The twins quit fidgeting, and Sonika's words trailed off. Miriam, sitting very straight, looked at him, her eyes wide.
"I thought you said you were going to work?" Miriam asked.
"Yeah," Len said, looking forward, his enormous blue eyes sparkling. "Working on my new sisters."
"Shut up, I'm your sister!!" Rin muttered, and Len laughed.
"I know, and I love you, Rin, but aren't you looking forward to them?"
"Len, you'll be happy to see this," Said Dr. C, taking his phone over to the boy. "Look how they want me to construct Gachapoid."

The two older women craned their necks to look, Sonika eventually coming over to look.
"He's a little boy," Len said plainly. The doctor nodded.
"That's right. He'll be younger than you-he's around Yuki-chan's age-but you'll finlly have another little boy to play with at home."
"I'll bet they'll sound good together," Sonika said happily.
"He has green hair, like Gumi Onee-san and Ms. Sonika," Rin said. Rin thought it was fun to use Western honorifics with the English-speaking androids, and Len had started doing it too.
"I'll be constructing him last, though, because I need more help building him." Dr. I's help. "I'm building your big sister, Mizki, right now. And that's actually why I came up."
"What do you need help with?" Miriam finally said.
"I don't know what I want her to look like," Dr. C said quietly. "I only got this image from Yamaha." He showed them the picture-an advertisement for Mizki, with a salmon-pink background and a Japanese fan and hair pin on the box.
"A kimono!" Sonika blurted out almost right away. Len & Rin shrugged simultaneously. "We don't know," They said in unison, their voices blending together.
"Since there's a hair pin on the box, she should wear a hair pin," Miriam said quietly.
"She's supposed to be unisex, didn't they say?" Sonika asked, sitting back down and trying to think.
"Well....yes, but her voice will be feminine."
"Give her small boobs."
The doctor flushed in the face. "That's...uh, that's actually a good idea."
"And she can wear a baggy kimono!" Len shouted.
"But it has to be pink," Rin said. "And she has to have long black hair, for her hair pin, and so she looks really Japanese."

The doctor bowed to them. "Thank you," he said. "I'll get back to work."
"Yay!" Rin said, practically squealing.

Back in the lab, Dr. C began sketching out how he felt Mizki should look. He already knew how she was to look physically-like a 30-something Japanese woman-so the blueprint was fine. But he still had to blueprint Gachapoid.
I'll be up all night, He thought. But that was fine, somehow. He enjoyed working. And the thought of three new Vocaloids...

He drew out VY1 fairly quickly-she was a Japanese woman of average height, with a pink, flowered kimono, traditional, but with a slit to show her leg, with was covered with pink stockings and white shoes. Her hair was black, short, and a small chunk was done up with a hair pin. He knew the exact AI to give her, too...the exact personality.
Now, he had to build the wire structure. Then the shell. That part was his least favorite, even though it meant he was almost done. It was strange...unsettling to him. He constantly forgot that his androids were indeed androids, and placing the skin, hair, and clothes on them reminded him too much that they were.
He looked through some wires in a box, and got to work.


Back upstairs, the four remaining Vocaloids couldn't help but discuss their new siblings, and as they did, even more of the Engloids-this time, Ann & Prima, best friends, coming home from a fun night in Tokyo.
"Ann," Miriam said, smiling. "And Prima, too. You two are back already?"
Ann was a tanned blond woman, with a strapped and short white dress and high-heeled white boots, and a choker that looked like stitches. She contrasted to Prima, in her elbow-length gloves, black hair, pale skin, and black-and-raspberry floor-length dress.
"Indeed, we are," Prima said, and she walked over to the twins and hugged them both at the same time. "Len & Rin," She said softly. "My favorite little singers. How are you two?"
"Did you two do your homework?" Ann reminded them, plopping down in between Miriam and Sonika. The twins nodded, despite their fragile understanding of English.
"Of course they did," Prima practically whispered. "If you don't mind, though, I'm tired. I'll take my leave now."
"Do you want me to tell you when Tonio gets home?" Sonika asked, winking.
Prima looked at the ground. "I...yes, that would be nice."
Sonika giggled, and the twins exchanged glances.
"It is late. Shouldn't you two be getting to bed?" Ann asked. "I usually want you in bed by eight, so you can get up real early for school..."
"It is the weekend," Rin said in her best English. " tomorrow."
"I still think you should be in bed," Ann whispered. She was always punctual with the younger androids-and even with some of the older ones. Sonika would often tease her, calling her 'old-fashioned', and had teased Al about the same thing since he'd been finished.

"We were just talking about how the doctor is working on VY1 right now," Sonika said to Ann, and she smiled a wide smile. "Is he really? I didn't know he'd start so soon!"
"I guess he'd had them planned for a while, but only decided to tell us once he knew he was making them," Sonika thought.

The twins stood up and stretched. "We're going to our room to play. Bye-bye, everyone!" and they ran off.
"They're very cute," Miriam said quietly. "I'm going to get some coffee and bring it to the doctor."
"Ann, is it okay if I watch anime in here?" Sonika asked. "Meiko's not home, which means I can watch what I want in the sitting room and not on my small TV."
"Of course," Ann said. "I did want to watch some TV."
"Sorry," Sonikra breathed, getting down from the sofa and putting in an oft-used DVD. "But I don't think you'll mind this."

It was getting late, and one by one, every Vocaloid came home; it took Kaito going down to the lab to remind the doctor that it was time to eat.

"I-I'm sorry," The doctor said, apologizing quickly to Kaito. He looked, and saw an impatient Meiko was with him. "I got so carried away with my work."
"Your work?!" Meiko said suddenly, and her stern face lightened up. "You mean the new projects?"
The doctor nodded as the three ran up the steps. "Which one?"
"Mizki," Dr. C said. "I think you'll like her, Meiko."
"Alright," Meiko laughed. The three sat down at the table, and of course everyone asked how the projects were going; Sonika and Len prided themselves in the fact that they knew before anyone else did.
"I've begun building your sister, Mizki."
There were some whispers.
"I'll begin Iroha next, and Gachapoid will come back because I have to re-do his blueprints, and Dr. I will be helping me with him."
"Dr. I," Gakupo said quietly, putting his chopsticks down for a moment. Gumi and Gakupo exchanged glances. They were the only two who knew Dr. I, the strange female scientist.
"I'm already almost done with Mizki. I just need to get clothes and a..."
"A shell," Meiko said proudly. The others were uncomfortable with the term and concept, much like the doctor, but Meiko, proud of her robotic nature, was the odd one out.
Miki suddenly spoke up. "So tomorrow? Tomorrow you'll be getting those things?"

She didn't even wait for the doctor to respond. "Because I'd love to help you find those."
Miki, like Meiko, was an odd one out; she was more robotic than the others, and got called out for it more often than the others did.
"Well...I wanted Gakupo-san to help me-Mizki will wear a kimono and carry a fan, and I think he knows better than anyone else on wear to get those things." He laughed. "I haven't worn a kimono in so long."
Gakupo smiled smugly, and laughed just as smugly. "I'd love to help. And I wouldn't mind Miki coming with us."
The doctor looked at Miki. The large strand of red hair that pointed up bounced about, like an antenna. Miki had been constructed by some colleagues of Dr. C on the moon, where there was a colony with Japanese immigrants living on it. He'd been too busy to build her, so he'd sent his blueprints up and they'd constructed her.

"So it's settled. Tomorrow, I want both of you, Miki & Gakupo, up early to go to buy robotics and kimonos tomorrow."
The two androids nodded, and everyone was dismissed to go to bed.
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Chapter 3

The next day, Dr. C, SF-A2 Miki, and Kamui Gakupo woke up early, just before many shops opened, and set out for supplies for the finishing of VY1 Mizki. Of course, there was still a lot of wiring to be done, but the doctor felt if they finished early, he could get back to the house and work the rest of the day. Then he could spend a few weeks tweaking Mizki's voice until she was perfect.
Let's just hope that adjusting the voice won't be as awful as it was on Tonio, He thought, remembering when he and Dr. G had been working on the Opera singer.

"So, a clothing store, and then to the robotics shop?" Miki asked happily.
"Yes," The doctor said.
"Isn't the robotics store you go to in Akihabara?" Gakupo asked with some uncertainty.
The doctor nodded, wondering why Gakupo would be so uneasy about going to Akiba. Then he remembered that they were practically celebrities there.
"It'll be fine. We just have to visit the robotics store, and then we can leave. We'll do that first, if you want."
Gakupo glanced at his gleaming, violet-painted nails. "I don't mind. Let's go."
"And you, Miki-chan?" He asked the red-head. She adjusted her furry blue gloves and poked at the strand of hair that stuck up in a curve on her skull.
"I like Akiba," She said, smiling. "There's lots of robots down there."

In recent years, since robots had become more advanced, the otaku center of the world had also become a hangout for Japanese robots and androids. Most people were not comfortable around robots and even felt threatened by them, but in Akihabara, the otaku were obsessed with them and treated them like humans-or even like higher beings. In other countries, robots felt a tinge of jealousy, save for robots living in New York City or Russia, where robots were almost just as welcomed.

"Alright, then. Will we be walking?"
"It's not so far away, and you know I don't care for taking the train or taxi." Gakupo said, smirking at the doctor. He always seemed to have that expression.
"Of course. Let's walk." The Doctor, when he was trying to find a larger, new house for him to house all the androids he had built, he had decided to have one that was close enough to Akiba to walk, but far enough away that he didn't constantly have otaku knocking on his door.

When she walked, Miki jumped as if she were still on the moon; leaping and bounding everywhere she went, which garnered not just one annoyed stare from Gakupo.

"Why don't you jump with me?" Miki offered him, bounding over to him, her bright scarlet hair bouncing about, and the one thick strand of hair bouncing like an antenna. Maybe it was an antenna.
"Please, I'd rather not. You look like a child. I suppose that's from spending so much time with Yuki."
"I wouldn't think a man who wears makeup and spends hours tying up his pretty violet hair would be so serious." Miki said playfully.

Gakupo lightly touched the plus-shaped hair tie that held his hair into a ponytail, but said nothing.

Miki continued trying to get Gakupo to play with her for a while, but when she decided that was futile, tried to discuss astronomy with him.
"I wouldn't like being on the moon," Gakupo said breathily as Miki described living on the Japanese moon base's laboratory. "Too futuristic. Even here I can take a train out to the mountains or to a shrine."
"You keep that traditional attitude up right until you get on stage," Dr. C quipped, after listening to their banter for a while.
Gakupo narrowed his eyes, as if defensive. "So I like to sing about..."
"Vampires!" Miki shouted. Gakupo shushed her.
"Doctor, don't you remember reading any Japanese myths when you were a child?"
"Of course," Dr. C said, sighing happily. He even liked arguing with his robots.

The trio walked into Akihabara, which wasn't too crowded that day, but even so, the two Vocaloids could almost feel eyes on them.
"Here's my robotics store," Dr. C said.
"Looks empty," Miki said. "I hope it's not closed!"

All three walked in. Gakupo stood by the entrance, not caring for any robots aside from himself (well, and his extended family), thinking.
"Why don't you help out?" Miki pouted. "You're an android, too. You know a lot about how you work, don't you?"
"It's fine, Miki-chan," the doctor said. "Come here. Do you think this...?"

In what seemed like only a few minutes, Dr. C and SF-A2 Miki had picked out a set of robotic parts, and even a skin to put over VY1's frame; it was a feminine version of what he had picked out for Gakupo, making the samurai a bit uncomfortable.
"With this, she'll look more like a Japanese person, right?" Gakupo asked. "Not like an anime character." He practically glared at Miki, and her enormous, glimmering eyes.
"That's the idea," Dr. C said quietly, lost in thought.

They walked out, after picking out some parts for Iroha as well.
"This way-I'll lead you to the clothing store," Gakupo said, happy to get out of the robotics shop and out of Akiba. He didn't feel comfortable having people stare at him, though if they had been women, maybe he would have felt differently.

The clothing store, as Gakupo had promised, had dozens of kimonos; and luckily they had just the one Dr. C had been looking for. Bright, salmon pink, with white trim, and pictures of cherry blossoms and fans on it. For good measure, he picked up the matching fan and some pink hairpins for his new creation as well.
"What about her hair?" Miki asked, smoothing out her own.
"She'll have black hair," Dr. C said, taking the bag of clothes fro Gakupo, even though he was already carrying the robot parts. "Which I still have enough of." While most androids had artificial hair or even wigs attached to them, good quality androids (like the Vocaloids) had real human hair, nearly all of which was available from pro-robot donors. The doctor even used his own hair, sometimes, and many of his students were willing to help him as well-especially with the more fantastic hair colors.

"Looks like we'll get home just in time for some lunch before I begin working again." The Doctor adjusted the box of robotics so it would drop. "What will you two be doing while I work? I assume you're not staying around the house..."
"Miriam & I are taking Yuki to the planetarium," Miki said. "And then the robotics museum, if we can. It's extra credit for her class."
"Resting," Gakupo said wearily. "I think I spent too long out last night."
Dr. C looked around hastily at the Vocaloid. "Oh-if I had known that, I wouldn't have let you come out today."
"But I would have anyway." And he smiled. "I'm always willing to help you, you know. And I'm quite interested in Mizki."
Dr. C nodded, and he was silent the rest of the way, Miki jumping and leaping about again.


"Let's get to work," Dr. C said, laying out the robot parts, and laying the clothes off to the side along with enough hair to work with later, when it was time for that.
He examined the blueprints of VY1 once again. His colleagues had always said he paid too much attention to details on the blueprints, but he always said that that was the way to do a blueprint of something like a Vocaloid-everything had to be precise.

He laughed, remembering a student of his who greatly admired Miku, and frequently gave her songs to sing-and then tried recreating her voice. He'd done it well, but the result was off-key and sounded drunk-Dr. C, upon hearing it, loved it, and the student eventually built his own android, which he called Haku Yowane. That student now lived in a different section of town, but Dr. C & Miku visited Haku every so often. Haku envied Miku a lot, and the doctor noticed this, but in recent years his student's creation had gotten better at singing, and had her own unique sound. Yet she stilled envied Miku.

"I don't understand that," Dr. C muttered to himself, as he wired up the arms that would go on VY1. "Not at all."
He looked at the blueprints of Iroha and Gachapoid, which stuck out beneath the VY1 blueprint.
"I think Iroha and Gacha will be good friends with you," He said, as if talking to Mizki before she was even 'alive'.

"Does this work?" He said to no one again, and tried out the arm to see if the wires were hooked up properly.
"I made a mistake on the fourth finger," He said, berating himself. "That's no way to work."
He kept thinking about Dr. I, and then started thinking about some of the other scientists he knew, who had given him ideas for Vocaloids. Dr. F, who told him about two Vocaloids who would model the American fifties-Al & Ann. And Dr. AH, who told him a teacher and a student would both make interesting singers, and had started constructing on SF-A2 Miki just a short time before Dr. C finished the rest. And another scientist, Dr. S, had been approaching him lately, thinking of working with him in the future. He had given some help on Lily, perfecting her voice, but Dr. C didn't known if he could help him with future projects.

But only Dr. G and Dr. I had ever helped him actually build a Vocaloid; both felt Dr. C was even better than them at making them, though.
"Does this work now?" He said, after painstakingly re-wiring the fingers in the arm. He tried again. This time, success. He laid it aside, and took the shell of the torso, opened it, and began placing and wiring together the 'organs'.

The parts Dr. C bought for the torso of his androids resembled human organs, but were blue or grey and steel-looking. An android did not need as many as a human, but they still sold parts for those unneeded organs-for helping an android feel more human, he supposed. And without extra wiring, he was quick to add.

Hours passed as he worked on the torso, but he didn't realize that. When he worked on a Vocaloid, time didn't seem to even exist anymore, and he felt surreal when one of them would come downstairs and remind him that it was time to eat.

"I wonder what Yuki, Miki, and Miriam are doing now," He said, as he gazed at the mechanical heart and lungs he was about to place inside VY1-Mizki's-body.


Miriam hoisted Yuki up onto her shoulders as the two of them, plus Miki, walked through the Tokyo Museum of Japanese Robotics. No one knew that Miriam or Yuki were androids, but everyone could tell Miki was a robot, and many robot enthusiasts came up to her, as if she were a celebrity. Only a few actually knew her because of her singing.
"Are you here, learning about your history?" A young man still in his uniform asked, a friend with him. "What's your name?"
"SF-A2 Miki," She said. The student gasped. "That's such a robotic name! But it's combined with a regular name-it's the perfect name for an android!"
"She looks like an anime character," His friend said. "That little girl kinda does, too!"
"I'm Yuki!" She said happily. She looked down at Miriam, upside down. "Miss Miriam, can we get some pudding?"
"Of course, in a few minutes," Miriam said quietly.
"A foreigner!" The two students said in unison. "Miki's a robot AND she's friends with foreigners!"
"Can you keep a secret?" Miki said, and she leaned over and whispered to them, "They're androids, too!"
They gasped, and then said quietly, "Wow! I couldn't tell."
"I thought Yuki-chan might be a robot, look at her eyes," His friend said.
"I guess humans don't have eyes like that,"

Running up next in between Miki and Miriam was Kiyoteru, clutching his black teacher's notebook, and he was panting. Yuki gasped when she saw him.
"Teacher!!!" She shouted, and he looked up at her, smiling.
"Hello, Yuki-chan. I just got off work, and Do...well, I was told you were at the museum."
"Yay!! Kiyo-sensei came to the museum to see me!"
"Kiyo..." The teacher said, adjusting his glasses.
"See you later, Miki-chan!" The student said. "I just met a robot!" he said excitedly to his friend, who said "Dude, I know."
"This is the wax model of Dr. G and Dr. C," Miriam said to Yuki.
"I know!" Yuki said loudly. "I recognize them," She said quietly.
"He's one of the best robotics scientists in the world-I mean, they are. Both of them."
Yuki nodded, and laughed.

"Time to get that pudding," Miriam said, and Yuki laughed. "Yaaay! Do you want some too, teacher?" She asked Kiyoteru.
"Of course I would," Kiyo said. He grabbed Miki's arm gently.
"And you, Miki-san?"
"I'm going to go back home, and see what the docor is up too."
Kiyo frowned. "Oh. Well, have fun, then. We'll see you back home."

Miki bounded away for the museum's exit, while Yuki, Kiyoteru, and Miriam went to a small snack bar.

Miriam rarely had much Yen on her, or money in general, so Kiyoteru paid for the three cups of pudding.
"Hey, you're my son's teacher, aren't you?" Said a taller man in line with him.
"I am. Kiyoteru Hiyama."
"She always talks about you."
Kiyoteru blushed a little bit.
"She says you're a fun teacher. I'd like to thank you for being such a good teacher to her!" And he walked away.

Miriam smiled. "That was nice of him. What do you do in class, anyway?"
Yuki swallowed a spoonful of pudding. "I can tell you! He teaches math, but to help us remember, he sings songs about things that are difficult!"
Miriam looked over at the teacher, who was blushing again.
"Maybe you should sing one of those for me sometime. It sounds very cute."
"Oh-well-probably not. You'd have to come to school to hear the songs."
The three talked a little longer, until they finished their pudding; afterwards, they finished the tour of the robotics museum.


Back at the house, a number of the Vocaloids had already come home. Big Al and Sweet Ann sat at the dining room table when Miki walked in.
"Ann! Al!" Miki shouted, jumping over to the table and standing over them.
"Miki," Ann said, smiling at her. "Did you have fun shopping with the doctor today?"
"I did! Is he okay?"
"He hasn't emerged from downstairs since he got home a few hours ago," Al said.
"I see," Miki said softly. "What have you two been doing all day?"
"I went and bought some model kits and spent most of the day building some toy robots," Al explained.
"I went shopping," Ann said. "Then I came home to see what Al was up to."
"Toy robots?" Miki said softly.
"I can show you," Al said, getting up, and Miki backed away as he did. He was taller than anyone Miki had seen-taller than most Japanese. He had quite a prescence.

Ann, staying sitting down, waited as Al took Miki into his bedroom to get the robot.

Big Al's bedroom had a lot of interesting things in it. Most of it was from overseas-old-fashioned posters and antique signs Al (and Ann) had bought when they traveled in the States. On a shelf there were many small toys, including some bought in Japan.
"This," He said, reaching up on a shelf that Miki had no hope of ever getting to without jumping.

The two walked back into the dining room, and Al set the tin toy on the table. He was about to wind it up when there was a thundering noise from downstairs, and the Doctor ran upstairs, looking excited.

"Doctor? What are you doing upstairs already?" Ann asked, as if he'd gone down only a few minutes ago and not hours ago.
"I need to go meet someone," He said. "I got an e-mail from a colleague named Dr. Y, who says he wanted to see Mizki and try to help me with her."
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2 Sisters, 1 Brother (A Vocaloid Fic)
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