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 Commonly Asked Questions

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PostSubject: Commonly Asked Questions   Tue May 17, 2011 7:49 pm

* How do I stop the music?

= You can't However, try lurking in other boards for now as I'm messing with a button script for instant music disable-ness.

* How do I host images?

=Images can be hosted in a multitude of ways, in the reply field there's a nifty little button with a little green picture right below the B button for bolding font.
Simply put your URL in theres and it will insert your image.

You can also use websites like Photobucket or any other image hosting site so long as they provide an IMG code, simply paste the IMG code into the reply field and you will have an image when you reply.

* Why isn't my signature working?

=That's something both admins and you are having right now so when we fix it this will be updated.
[EDIT] The signature problem has been fixed, you should have no problem with putting it on the forum.

* How do I post a video?

=Theres a little film reel under the S with a line through it, simply put in the url of a video and your video will show up in the post.

Or, you can post a You tube Embed code into the post.

*Download and Play buttons, etc.?
=Those are adds ladies and gents, I can't keep this addfree without paying. Apologies.

That's all I have for now, If more questions arise please post them in this thread and they will be added.

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Commonly Asked Questions
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